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Scale up and Technology transfer

At 3xper, we offer a seamless technology transfer as we move from a few milligrams scale in the lab to multi-tons manufacturing at a commercial scale. Our scale-up philosophy from mg to grams to kilo to tonnage scale backed by capabilities enables smooth technology transfer from our customers to us or from us to customers. The scale-up studies during development help to finetune the process so that it is robust enough to reduce and eliminate failures later.

This technology transfer is spread across process, analytical, engineering, and other related areas to have a comprehensive transfer of technology.

Life at 3xper

At 3xper, our employees are an invaluable asset, and we believe in a high-performance culture organization. We identify, hire, train, and retain the best-in-class talent in Science, Engineering, Management, and related support functions. At 3xper, our employees are our invaluable assets. We offer an enriching, exciting, and rewarding experience for our employees. Our values – Integrity and Honesty, Transparency, and Result oriented action are reflected in what we do. Our endeavor is to develop highly empowered employees who can leverage their potential to create value for our customers and other stakeholders.

Taking guidance from our group’s five lights that guide us as we navigate through professional and personal decisions. The five lights are – Light of Integrity, Light of Passion, Light of Responsibility, Light of Respect, and Light of Quality. With this guidance, we foster a culture of high performance, customer centricity, and employee empowerment to create value for our stakeholders.