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Synthetic Chemistry Services

Synthetic Chemistry Services

We offer the following as part of our offerings in Discovery Chemistry to enable your lead generation and optimization. The experience and expertise of scientists of 3xper can enable your innovation in generating leads, optimizing them, and progressing to the next stages of your discovery research.

Custom synthesis, scale-up from milligrams to grams to kilos scale, and technology transfer of multi-step products offered through FTEs and FFS models.
Synthesis of Macrocycles, Chiral compounds & reagents, Stable Isotopes labeled targets, Chiral compounds, Targets based on Low-temperature metalation, Photochemistry, Carbohydrates, Late-stage & CH functionalization etc.,
Synthesis of De novo library-based, Target based, and natural product-based products
Synthesis of alicyclic, aromatic, and heterocyclic building blocks on various scales.

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