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Position: Head R&D - Established Products
Categories: Leadership

Dr. U P Senthilkumar, the inventor of the novel antibiotic EXBLIFEP, the first drug to be invented in India and approved by US FDA and EMA, is an accomplished Pharma professional with about 3 decades of experience in pharmaceutical industry, in the areas of Pharmaceutical Process R&D, New Drug Discovery, Intellectual Property Management, IP, FTF and Regulatory Strategies, Analytical and Physicochemical studies, CMC for new drugs, and CDMO & FTE services for Customer’s Drug Discovery and Development. He has more than one hundred articles, patents and publications to his credit, which include inventions on new drugs, drug intermediates, products, processes, new synthetic routes, rearrangements, and novel polymorphs. Dr. Senthil holds Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Chemistry, specializing in the synthesis of N-Nitroso heterocycles, and their anti-cancer properties. He is associated with Prof. Ramasubbu Jeyaraman Science Foundation for inspiring young minds and creating passion for research.